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Bird food

Coming Soon!

We are going to be offering bird food and supplies, both at bird fairs and via shipping.  We currently have a limited selection while our ecommerce site is under development, but please feel free to reach out to us if there is something you would like to order.  Click below or call us at 270-286-6272.

About Our Aviary

How Our Babies Are Raised

Handfed parrots for sale

Our babies are handfed and socialized in our home, along with our two children, dogs, cats and pet birds.  They are acclimated to having their nails trimmed (both with a Dremel and nail clippers), taught to fly and target land, and are familiarized with wearing a harness.  Our goal is to provide your family with a well-adjusted baby with an easy transition to your home.

Weaning and Nutrition

Greenwing Macaw Weaning Food

Our babies are weaned onto fresh vegetables, fruits, and sprouts, along with natural Tropican pellets and Higgins Sunburst Seed mix.  The babies are exposed to all types of food for an easier adjustment to your preferences.

Reserving Your Baby

Green Cheek Conures

We accept deposits on babies once they are 4 weeks old.  Deposits are made via Paypal, or in person by appointment.  The remainder of the payment is paid in cash when you pick up your baby once weaned.

Weekly pictures (and sometimes videos!) are provided during the raising process, and we can accommodate visits once the baby is fully feathered and out of the sterile brooders.  

Contact Us

Bird Inquiry

We are a private facility and do not allow visitors for the health and safety of our family and our flock.  We are happy to arrange a meeting offsite with your baby!

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